Transform your LinkedIn Saved Posts into Actionable Insights

Streamline gathering insights from your LinkedIn saved posts with Linkedmash. Easily search, label, and auto-export to Notion/Sheets. Plus, use AI tools to put your saved posts into action


Effortlessly Organize and Manage All Your Saved Posts in One Place

View Saved Posts in One Place

LinkedIn makes it hard to locate saved posts, but our intuitive UI shows all your saved content—images, videos, and documents—in one place for easy viewing and management.

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Search Efficiently

Quickly find specific saved posts with text search and filters by author, type, and year. No more struggling to locate that post you vaguely remember.

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Organize with Labels

Gain control over your saved posts by organizing them into collections with labels. This makes quick and easy access possible, ensuring you can always find what you need.


Easier Management with Keyboard Shortcuts

Navigate through your saved posts, label, and search effortlessly with keyboard shortcuts. Get more done in less time and manage your content with ease.

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more than organization, Linkedmash makes your saved post

Easy to Consume, Revisit, and Integrate into Your Workflow

Auto-Export Saved Posts to Notion or Sheets

Linkedmash auto-exports your saved content to Notion or Sheets, effortlessly integrating into your existing workflow.

No more manual copying and pasting—just save on LinkedIn, and Linkedmash takes care of the rest, streamlining collaboration and enhancing productivity.

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AI Chat for Insight Extraction

Turn your saved posts into valuable insights. Linkedmash's AI chat extracts knowledge from your LinkedIn saved posts, making information retrieval quick and effortless.

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Email Digests for Easy Revisit

Never forget saved posts. Turn them into customizable email digests, making it easy to revisit by reading time and category

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Coming Soon

Why We Created Linkedmash?

Every bookmark is saved with a goal in mind—a long post to read later, a case study to extract insights, a launch checklist to find when needed. But over time, we realized that we were bookmarking into a void, despite our intentions.

LinkedIn wasn’t our first time facing this issue. We encountered the same situation with Twitter, bookmarking valuable information without an effective way to consume it. Conventional bookmark managers didn’t help. That’s when we built Tweetsmash, designed not just to organize but to enhance how we consume Twitter bookmarks. Now, with hundreds of happy customers, we’ve seen how it transforms the way people use their Twitter bookmarks.

We see the same potential in LinkedIn. Its rich, valuable content needs effective consumption. That’s why we created Linkedmash. Like Tweetsmash, it turns your saved posts into actionable insights, helping you advance in your professional journey. We’re excited to build it with you.

- Rams & Karthik

Here it from our customers, how Tweetsmash has changed the way they consume bookmarks.

Twitter has become one of the best sources of information and Tweetsmash organizes all that info brilliantly for me. I have it synced to Notion which makes it super easy to retrieve the info and plug into the areas I need it!

Josh Viner
Josh Viner
Growth Marketer

Most of the times I forget to read what I bookmarked on Twitter. Tweetsmash helps me schedule the digest and organize bookmarks better. Highly recommended for anyone who bookmarks a lot!

Harsh Makadia
Harsh Makadia

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  • Export saved posts to Notion / Sheets
  • AI chat for insights on saved posts
  • Search, organize & manage saved posts
  • Access to all current and future features
  • Priority support for your queries
  • Revisit with email digests ( Coming Soon )
  • AI Classify, Summarize ( Coming Soon )
  • Price increases to $65 soon

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